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Dedicated blocks of time, 100% focused on your project

To ensure you get dedicated, focused time for your project, I book 4 day blocks (Monday-Thursday) at a time. A 4 day block is charged at $3600 (plus taxes). Fridays are set aside for any maintance obligations for other clients, research or open source contributions. Depending on the type of project, our engagement can be a single week, or maybe several months.

Estimates and Billing

Our engagement is based on a Time and Materials contract, not a Fixed-price contract. A budget will be recommended before the project starts based on past projects with a similar scope. Blocks are prepaid and invoices will be submitted on a monthly basis for the blocks schedule in the proceeding month. Payment is required on receipt of an invoice.

Project Visibility

Demonstrations of work completed are held every Thursday afternoon from week one to get your feedback and ensure you have the highest visibility into the project. You're not waiting for weeks or months before you get to see something.

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